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Imagine Your Children Experiencing A Peaceful And Wholesome Childhood & You Feeling Good And Proud Of Your Parenting At The End Of The Day.

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  • Avoid the modern pressures of our fast paced, high tech, and busy society
  • Raise children who are more independent, kind, confident, resilient, and emotionally stable
  • Simplify your home-life and avoid parenting breakdowns so your days run more smoothly
  • Create a positive family dynamic and a healthy emotional climate in your home
  • Handle parenting challenges in a effective way – without yelling, threatening, punishing, or bribing

It is time to fall in love with your home-life. Many parents feel stuck, guilty, out of balance, and hopeless. Often parents believe that because children don’t come with an instructional manual, trial and error is the only option.

But the truth is: Successful parenting doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. It can be simple. 

All You Need Is A Mindful & Positive Approach To Parenting!

 This Free Mini-Training Starts Now!

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I am Lorena Seidel (M.Ed.) a mother of three, a Social Emotional Learning Consultant (SEL), a certified Montessori teacher, and a trained Positive Discipline Educator. I bring a variety of research based {well known for their proven success} approaches together. For over a decade, I’ve done all the hard work and research for you. I have practical experience as a teacher and as a parent- my children have already put everything I teach to the test. I’ve used my knowledge and tools to help thousands of parents and teachers stay strong, cool, and remain effective even under the most stressful moments. I’ve guided them to develop their children’s social, emotional, and life skills. And I have helped improve the home-life and the parent-child relationships of hundreds of families- for life!

You can have the best possible relationship with your children. You can stay ahead of the daily challenges of parenting. And you can learn how to better develop your child’s social, emotional, and life skills.


Here’s what to expect::

Starting now you’ll watch a short daily video delivered right into your mailbox. Take a few minutes to complete the action steps and see if you can bring more joy, clarity, and intention into your parenting- in only 5 days!

Everything seemed to be a struggle and my stress and frustration levels were through the roof. I knew a lot of it was me, but didn’t know what to do to fix things – for them or myself. I was encouraged and supported to organize my home and make things more accessible to the boys. They have loved this and love doing things for themselves. I have learned to give them the respect that I want them to give me and we are getting there. I always think, would I talk this way to a coworker? I think they are getting along better with each other and are using their words more when there is conflict and not just lashing out. I am calmer now and  I try really hard to be firm and consistent, but with love. Lorena was so reassuring that I am not alone and that it’s not too late to make things better! Her voice and demeanor are so soothing and build confidence and she isn’t judgmental at all… She really knows what she is talking about and shares it in the most compassionate and effective way.

Anne Cordero

mother of twin boys

Before this parenting experience, I was catching myself becoming a reactive parent. Instead of guiding my little guy, I was responding to “problems” and outbursts. After completing the experience, I have a better understanding of how my child’s environment (myself, surroundings, and family) are impacting and affecting his behavior. I am much more aware of how my actions are being perceived by my son, and have strategies to be mindful and considerate of the ways I exemplify the behaviors that I want him to have.  I found value in every video in the series as well as the articles shared in the Facebook Group during the experience. I also very much appreciated Lorena’s communication style and loved her real life examples. I felt that I had an action to take after each video to improve my family’s interactions with each other. I am so grateful for Lorena for so generously sharing this experience and know I will refer to these lessons again and again.

Shannon Siriano Greenwood

Ready To Create a Peaceful & Positive Relationship With Your Children? Join This 5 Day Purposeful Parenting Experience!