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Wish Your Toddler Would Cooperate?

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Your children can experience a peaceful and wholesome childhood and you can feel good and proud of your parenting at the end of the day…

HERE’S THE SCOOP:: Parents and children are living in busy spaces and have busy lifestyles and schedules. Children can feel discouraged and humiliated when they want to help themselves, but we {the adults} make them feel too slow, unskilled, small, or inadequate to do things independently. Often, we go around fixing what they have just attempted to do. Toddlers and Preschoolers can serve themselves, use breakables, and pour themselves milk. However, it is more convenient and less messy for us to do it for them.


You’ll Learn How:


  • To make your home more accessible to young children.

  • To encourage children to perform everyday tasks independently or with a little help.

  • To create a beautiful, safe, inviting, and thoughtfully arranged environment.

  • To bring more peace, order, and joy into your home.

  • To develop life and self-help skills. {independence, confidence, coordination, problem-solving, cooperation, and more}  

Your young child will feel respected, appreciated, capable of making a difference through meaningful contributions. I call this “Having purpose!Therefore, this optimum physical home environment promotes independence, autonomy, and empowers the child to perform activities and be in control of the environment. The results are fewer power struggles and less frustration for both the adult and the child.

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We May Not Have Met Yet…


I am Lorena Seidel (M.Ed.) a mother of three, a Social Emotional Learning Consultant (SEL), a certified Montessori teacher, and a trained Positive Discipline Educator. I bring a variety of research based {well known for their proven success} approaches together. For over a decade, I’ve done all the hard work and research for you. I have practical experience as a teacher and a parent, my children have already put everything I teach to the test. I also use my knowledge and tools to help thousands of parents and teachers stay strong, cool, and remain effective even under the most stressful moments. I’ve guided them to develop their children’s social, emotional, and life skills. Improving the home-life and the parent-child relationships of hundreds of families- for life!

We need to be conscious of how much unnecessary things we bring to our house and to our family. You showed me that less is more! When my 4-year-old daughter came home from school and saw her new space, she said: ”Mommy I love it.” …Thank you so much, Lorena. 

Mariana Nery-Buckmir

Mother of two

It was so impactful to have Lorena help our family to create more child centered areas. For example, Lorena showed me ways I could organize my kitchen to encourage my then 4 year old son to partake in food preparation and clean up. These changes continue to be a part of our life. I believe changes in our physical environment greatly impact our ability to function in our house and in the world. I’m so grateful for having work with Lorena.

Rebecca Velasquez

mother of two

Thanks to you, I’ve learned how to successfully implement Montessori techniques at home in a way that supports and encourages Hazel as she develops… I’ve watched her grow into this bright, inquisitive individual through your incredible instruction. Also, I feel that I’ve learned so much as a parent. I am forever grateful for your knowledge, your teaching abilities, and your amazing heart!

Erin Windholtz

Mother of a toddler

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