Learn How To Create A Peaceful And Wholesome Childhood For Your Children & Enjoy A Positive Parenting Experience For Yourself.

Despite all of your hard work, do you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to be everywhere?  Struggling to do all the things you should be doing with and for your children and family?Do you resort to screen time to help you survive the day? And you feel annoyed, distracted and reactive all the time?

It’s time to end feeling overwhelmed and start to intentionally focus on the right approach to a sustainable, peaceful, and positive connection with yourself and your children. I work with parents who are ready to be realistic, authentic, and intentional about developing a relationship with children and creating a more peaceful home environment. My work is about creating relationships that nourish the body, mind, and soul of everyone in the family.


Are You Ready To Fall Back In Love With Parenthood?

100% {Free} Purposeful Parenting Experience

End overwhelm and guilt! For 5 days you will get daily action steps to help you parent more intentionally and bring more peace and joy into your home.

Everything seemed to be a struggle and my stress and frustration levels were through the roof. I knew a lot of it was me, but didn’t know what to do to fix things – for them or myself. I was encouraged and supported to organize my home and make things more accessible to the boys. They have loved this and love doing things for themselves. I have learned to give them the respect that I want them to give me and we are getting there. I always think, would I talk this way to a coworker? I learned how to encourage and not just heap empty praise on them. I think they are getting along better with each other and are using their words more when there is conflict and not just lashing out. I am calmer now and try to cut myself some slack. And I try really hard to be firm and consistent, but with love. Lorena was so reassuring that I am not alone and that it’s not too late to make things better! Her voice and demeanor are so soothing and build confidence and she isn’t judgmental at all… She really knows what she is talking about and shares it in the most compassionate and effective way.

Anne Cordero

mother of twin boys

Become a Purposeful Parent Program

Stress less and connect more! Learn to have the best possible relationship with your children and to stay ahead of daily parenting challenges. In this 8-week program, you’ll learn skills to develop your child’s long-term social, emotional and life skills {independence, resilience, responsibility, kindness, emotional stability and more}.

My biggest struggles before the program were related to my kids not listening or wanting to help around the house. I was constantly nagging, and on top of them to do things and they were always pushing back. It was the day to day things like getting out of the door on time and doing homework that always seemed to end in frustration! The improvements I have seen since taking this workshop are mostly within ME, not my kids. I learned that I need to change my mindset and the way I behave and speak to them… I have learned to ask them what they think and to give them choices when I can. I have learned to expect more from them and that it is possible to be FIRM and KIND at the same time!

Kristen Murray

mother of three

The Purposeful Mom Circle {Group Coaching}

Want to go deeper? Twice a year I offer a small group setting to moms needing a more personal, laser focused, step-by-step coaching style. Transform yourself, your parenting, and your home. Get ready to fall back in love with Motherhood.

Before joining “The Purposeful Mom Circle” I felt overwhelmed. I was desperate to learn how to handle situations that would arise, that I would feel unprepared to deal with. Now, I have a stronger sense of mindfulness and presence that I can draw upon when things get stressful. I use that to try to stay centered and make better choices in how I respond. The very best part of this group coaching is having a space to open up and connect with other parents who are willing to be vulnerable and supportive of each other.

Sarah Malik

(mother of two)

School Social Emotional Support

Parents, students, and educators all share a common desire… A thriving learning environment! Let’s work together to build a more peaceful relationship with children, build your students sense of community, prepare them for successful living, and increase academic achievement in a positive and purposeful way.

Wow, Just wow. I have been to other conferences but this one has blew those other ones away by far. What an amazing keynote speaker Lorena is. In fact I was in all of Lorena’s workshops and everything she had to say resonated with me so deeply. I think the combination of philosophies Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio is so progressive! Get this woman back every year. Thank you for an amazing conference.

Tamara Grimm

(British Columbia Montessori Society conference attendee)