I believe in a world in which children experience a peaceful and wholesome childhood and parents go to bed feeling good and proud of their parenting at the end of the day…

The Purposeful Child is not just an approach to raising children- it is a movement!

I have discovered that on the surface parents may be searching for tools to end tantrums, power struggles, back talking, and lack of cooperation and listening.
But really, deep inside…
moms want to get parenting right because they desire two thinks: to have a positive and healthy relationship with their children for life, and they seek to raise good human beings.
I’m Lorena Seidel and I help adults connect with little ones and to raise more independent, resilient, empathetic, capable, and emotionally stable children. I strongly believe that most adults wish to stop yelling, threatening, bribing, and punishing their children.  And most parents are at a loss as to how to do this.
I have thoughtfully designed an approach to parenting and disciplining based on trust, mutual respect, firm limits, empathy, and nurturing strengths. My vision draws upon successful approaches such as Montessori, Waldorf, the principles of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Positive Discipline, as well as my own experience and research.

Ready to Connect More & Stress Less?


After earning my Masters in Education, working as a Montessori teacher for several years, and attempting to be super mom, I hit burnout! At that point I decided to fight the modern parenting pressures and traps. Since then I’ve dramatically re-designed every aspect of my life based on natural, simple and purposeful ways to make me and my children wholesome.


I still get overwhelmed {once in awhile!}… but I’ve consciously designed a peaceful home life that allows me to home school, write a book, run a business, take care of myself. And most importantly, feel good and proud of my parenting at the end of the day.


The best part? I have helped thousands of adults {teachers and parents} transform themselves, their environment and their interaction with young children. And because of that, children all over the place are experiencing a more peaceful and wholesome childhood.


Lorena is an incredibly thoughtful educator who has genuine enthusiasm for her profession.  She understands that each child and parent is different and tailors her approach to what will work best for them.  While she has extensive training in Montessori schooling she is also very open to other ideas and never takes a dogmatic approach to education.  She is a pragmatist; understanding that in parenting you have to choose your battles.  Sometimes something has to give and that is okay.  She doesn’t set unattainable standards for her students and sets everyone up to succeed.  Lorena has taught me so much about how to be a calm, thoughtful parent and is wise beyond her years!

Alexis Donovan

Awesome mom of two

My Hero’s Journey…

​While awaiting the birth of my first child, I transformed my home creating an environment that was based on the principles I studied and used as a Montessori teacher. My toddler was thriving as she developed valuable life skills through performing meaningful everyday tasks. She was serving herself snacks, putting her shoes and coat on, cleaning up her messes, and arranging flowers in tiny vases with little to no help from me or any other adult- things were sized for a child and were safe and accessible.

Parenting was wonderful!  I was having the time of my life. However, when I had my second child, life got busier and more stressful with two babies 18 months apart.

I grew more tired, suddenly parenting became hard. I was no longer the patient and loving mom I wanted to be. Besides the demands of a newborn, my almost 2 year old started to have tantrums, hurt the baby, no longer listened, displayed all sorts of attention-seeking behavior, and engaged me in daily power struggles.

I lived and breathed my children and my business revolved around parenting and teaching. I began to realize I had unrealistic expectations for myself as a mother. I wanted perfection! I also expected too much of my children. I knew their behavior {whining, tantrums, pushing others, power struggles} was developmentally age appropriate. However, I couldn’t help seeing it as a personal failure.

Luckily, I knew where to find help and I turned to my very own research. My Master thesis project! I deepened my knowledge about Waldorf Education, discipline approaches, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). I read many books and blogs. I trained in Positive Discipline, joined a parent-toddler Waldorf class, and met other like-minded moms. I was back on track!

I felt relief, excitement, and inspiration after rediscovering great tools and principles. I felt strongly that I could avoid the traps of a modern lifestyle and the pressure it put on parents.

I wanted my children to experience a peaceful and wholesome childhood and I wanted to go to bed feeling good about my parenting. I simplified my home, minimized the clutter, made healthy cleaning products, and became healthier. I brought warmth, nature, and consistency into our home, our daily schedules, and even our meals. We now have less stuff, but more time and energy to focus on what really matters. I created a rhythm to our days that meets everyone’s needs and brings us comfort. I learned to shield my family from what Kim John Payne calls “the war against childhood” in his parenting book Simplicity Parenting {which really is what I call high speed, high-tech and high pressure society}.

Through this journey, my husband and I became non punitive, kind & firm, respectful, and intentional parents. We became more mindful, and focused on soul connecting moments with our children. We finally understood that it is not about finding quick solutions for misbehavior. We realized it is about finding and addressing the root causes and beliefs behind the negative behavior.​ Most importantly, we developed deep trust between us our children.

The girls explore our mindfully prepared home and learn by doing. Peaceful songs, bread making, mint tea, storytelling, nature walks, building blocks {and common challenging behaviors} fill our days. I continue to learn and teach about parenting professionally. However, the work I do is part of a much bigger vision. I believe that If we want a more peaceful and positive society for our children, we must leave kinder and better children to this world.

When we raise one generation of purposeful children, we are contributing to overall positive change in humanity. A true gift for generations to come.

If you too want a more peaceful and wholesome childhood for your little ones. Or if you want to feel proud of the way you handle everyday parenting challenges, I would be honored to welcome you into this “purposeful parenting circle”.

​With love & gratitude,

Lorena Seidel


Everything you do you do with incredible integrity – your focus on your children, your family life, your business, and your friends. Your genuine desire to help others and make the world a healthier place is so beautiful. We are all so blessed and fortunate to have you

Carey Hahn

Sweet mother of three