Ready to Connect More & Stress Less?

Purposeful Parenting Is The Answer!

You might be feeling frustrated, embarrassed, or worried about your child’s behavior and wish you could help him develop more confidence, independence, kindness, and resilience.

Perhaps you feel disappointed in yourself because you lost your cool again. Wanting to discipline in a way that works, feels good, and fully honor your child’s spirit.

Perhaps you’re feeling challenged by power struggles, back-talk, whining, or refereeing conflicts all the time. Longing to keep a more organized, positive and peaceful home environment for everyone in your family.

You’re not alone! Most moms find themselves working way too hard {with too much guilt and pressure}, all because they are trying to do #ALLTHETHINGS!

But the truth is – You don’t need to be everywhere and read ALL the parenting books to be a wonderful parent. You can keep childhood peaceful and wholesome while parenting with purpose. And it all starts when you align your parenting values and desires with your lifestyle and daily choices.

Imagine if you could…


I’m Lorena Seidel, I help adults raise purposeful children. I believe children can experience a wholesome and peaceful childhood despite the modern pressures of our fast paced, high tech, and busy society. And I know you can parent and discipline in a way that works but also makes you feel good and proud at the end of the day. I teach adults {parents and teachers} how to create a more positive relationship with young children and a more peaceful home or classroom environment. So everyone can connect more and stress less!

with love & purpose,

Lorena Seidel

Lorena has greatly inspired me to be a better parent. The material she uses in her workshops is engaging, thought provoking, practical and effective. I’ve been able to witness many little miracles in my family as a result of my completion of one of Lorena’s program. For example, I learned about family meetings and can attest to how they have been an excellent way to begin and foster good and healthy communication among my family members. Lorena is a pure example of the benefits and usefulness of these techniques in her own life. I’m happy to know Lorena and will continue attending more of her programs!

Rebecca Velasquez

Mother of two boys

Here Is What The Purposeful Child Is Really All About…


Free play, time in nature, meaningful activities, creating things with head, hands and heart, simple living, and being present. Less screens, yelling, bribing, threatening or punishments. More connection, trust, independence, resilience, emotional stability and kindness. Essentially, a wholesome and peaceful home-life.